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What's happened to Frann's Alt.Health?

If you're a regular visitor, don't worry, we've just moved stuff round a bit.

To visit the blog and read my latest posts, please use the new address:

Order herbal products from the comfort of your own home

At Frann's Alt.Health Shop I offer an extensive range of high quality herbal products online. My products contain the finest standard herbs and most are 100% natural and organic. In addition, you will get access to fast and dependable product delivery if you buy herbs from my store.

Frann's Alt.Health is for You and Your Family

This is my Alternative Health shop. I say alternative, but in many cases, it can also be called complementary medicine, or even traditional medicine. On the other hand, quite often stuff we've been saying for decades is suddenly hailed as a "new" discovery and taken into the mainstream, becoming instantly orthodox.

There was a time, not that long ago in terms of how long humans have occupied the planet, when herbal medicine and the related methods covered by the alternative health umbrella were the only medicine there was. At that time, most cooks would know how to recognise and use the herbs for particular ailments — and in fact most of the culinary herbs we use today were once "simples", used for healing much more than for flavour.

Although I've described the use of herbs as remedies on my site Herbal Medicine from Your Garden (or Windowsill), not everybody can grow their own herbs whether for reasons of time, space or both (and in any case, many come from tropical climes), so I've often thought it would be useful to be able to direct readers to a source of dried medicinal herbs which can be trusted. Culinary herbs are not produced with an eye to efficacy as a herbal medicine and may not be clearly labelled, as to a cook one type of marjoram is very much the same as another. Not so for a herbalist!

So, here it is. You'll notice I've also included other related products that can usefully go alongside the herbs, including aromatherapy products, some food and also supplements in the long term. Watch this space!

I hope you find the site useful.

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